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Severn Loop Parishes
Facebook page for our Severn Loop parishes, which you might like to have a look at and maybe 'Like' !

Diocese of Lichfield
The Severn Loop parishes are part of the Diocese of Lichfield. You can find all sorts of resources here. A weekly diary of prayer for the Diocese, which covers the 3 headings of Discipleship, Vocation and Evangelism, can be found by typing 'Prayer Diary' into the search box.

Thy Kingdom Come
Each May, between Ascension Day and Pentecost, we join with churches across the UK (and globally) to pray for evangelisation of our country. Follow this link to find out more about the very popular initiative of 'Thy Kingdom Come'

24-7 prayer
This website will tell you more about the prayer initiative which we link up with, as a Loop of parishes, every few months, when we cover 24 hours with prayer. A rota of people from the Loop pray and find peace, joy, quiet, time to encounter God.

Open the Book
Follow this link to the Bible Society website to read more about this. A band of enthusiastic volunteers have been going regularly into Bicton and Bomere Heath primary schools for the last few years, to re-enact stories from the Bible which really bring them to life!